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Observe the Past. Explore Your Being.
Find Higher Meaning.

Revelations on Interstellar Highway 10 is a Metaphysical Journey Book for the Advanced Religious Seeker and the Spiritually Attuned.


Based on the author's encountered religious, spiritual and mystical experiences, Revelations On Interstellar Highway 10 contains a training framework for advanced initiates who are ready for more profound instructions.  Written over a period of three decades, the book takes you through a sampling of several religious and scholarly perspectives of other “God Seekers” while leading you on a journey of awakenings.  Suitable for both the Orthodox and Gnostic traveler, it blends elements of science, history, psychology, mythology and religion into an amalgam of thought that will stretch the reader’s imagination.  This book will steer you to very different eschatological conclusions in line with the current times, touching on synchronicities, revelations, dualities, hidden mysteries and enlightenment.  By expanding your spiritual vocabulary and search for truth, its objective is to change your perception of reality for the betterment of humankind.


Interlacing the thoughts of doubters and believers, the book pulls from the views of saints, philosophers, teachers and scholars alike.  Socrates, Plato, Confucius, Philo, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Hypatia, Mohammad, Thomas Paine, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, C.G. Jung, Sean Martin, Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy and numerous other thinkers into the abstract, all make an appearance through quotes and precepts.  Their views go beyond a purely material existence, which is precisely the trek into where Revelations On Interstellar Highway 10 will take you.

The book will provide you with both recommendations and references for tracing out your own metaphysical path built upon steps paved with love, forgiveness and gratitude. It will incite the notion of being part of something bigger and beyond the mundane routine of a daily existence, stretching the limits of cognition by asking questions and providing some answers.  Merging you with the minds of prophets, sages and other cosmic influencers, it seeks to put you in touch with that spark of divinity within that is waiting to be recognized, nurtured and expanded.  Let your journey begin.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

In The Beginning And The Growth Of God

Chapter 2

God Who?
Our Personified Labels For Naming Divinity

Chapter 3

Choose Your Religious Analogy

Chapter 4

Insights Into The Religions Of Planet Earth With Origins Before The Common Era

Chapter 5

Insights Into The Religions Of Planet Earth With Origins Within The Common Era

Chapter 6

Our Body: A Temporary Cocoon For The Soul

Chapter 7

Is God Fallible?

Chapter 8

The Development Of Self:
The Core Of Our Being

Chapter 9

Entity Of Being

Chapter 10

The Ten Directives

Chapter 11

Religious Distortion

Chapter 12

The Path To Illumination

Chapter 13

Maintaining Spirituality: Resetting The Mind

Chapter 14

The Roots To Evil And The All Encompassing Sin

Chapter 15

Achieving And Maintaining
A Mindset Of Happiness

Chapter 16

Getting Even Or Letting Go

Chapter 17

Addressing Violence Within The Scriptures

Chapter 18

Our Exit From This World

Chapter 19

The Twins Of Science And Religion

Chapter 20

Relationships Of Romance And Carnal Love

Chapter 21

The Verdict:
Humanity’s Judgment And Its Salvation

Chapter 22

The Path Of The Prophets

Chapter 23

Taming The Beast

Chapter 24

The Mind Of God: 
A Physical And Metaphysical Model
Of The Universe

Chapter 25

Omega: Our And God’s Conclusions

Re-examine all you have been told...and dismiss whatever insults your own soul.

- Walt Whitman


What is the Asterox?

The etymology of the Asterox is composed of “a” for the alpha or triangle, “ster” for stellar or star, “o” for the omega or circle and “x” for the Greek letter “chi” representing the Christ Logos.  It contains the trinity of the body, soul and spirit within its geometric symbolism. 


You will see more of this ecumenical symbolic sign as the future unfolds and synchronizing ascension takes place.  The Asterox relates not just to the physical sun, but to the spiritual Sun that heralds in the true religion of all religions – the perennial philosophy returning to ancient theology.  It emanates that divine energy of love that every star form, every planet, every moon, every comet, every asteroid, every atom and every particle underlyingly puts forth which creatively produces, growingly maintains, and then destructively absorbs in a repetitive binding and balanced cycle of being and non-being.  It is the archetype Seal of God. 

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“Just as there are infinite rays emanating from our Sun, so, too, are there infinite paths for connecting with God.”

- Anom Omous

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