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Meet the Author

Anon Omous

Trained as a mechanical tektōn by profession, I chose to self-educate on the various metaphysical paths and religious tools for relating to the cosmos.  I constantly seek spiritual knowledge as a means for combining the poles of logic and emotion while being immersed in the daily routine of life.  Relying on an inner intuition and unique sensitivity, I constantly attract information on how to form a better perspective on what defines reality.  In a quest to find God, the roadmap is both a journey inward as well as an expression outward.

My identity and personality have been influenced and exposed to the pop culture and global consciousness of the 1960s to the current day.  As a layperson observer of human nature with a limited understanding of the patterns of both functional and dysfunctional behaviors, I wish to remain incognito for now.  I strive to maintain a spiritual core by preferring to put the religious mysteries into everyday practice rather than dwell and obsess on the alleged divine relationships of human characters, although I do occasionally drift.  

I underwent profound and mystical experiences in my early twenties after surviving and surpassing environments of dysfunctional influences.  Through my accumulation of life lessons and internal explorations, I hope this book will accelerate the power of love within your being for the achievement of great accomplishments.  Realizing that we all must occasionally put on masks to be actors within environments of ignorance and to choose our battles wisely, I hope to improve world conditions by awakening the savoir in all of us, for now is the time for humanity to wake up and raise their consciousness to a higher state. 

“A mind not driven by love serves no purpose.”

- Anon Omous

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