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What is the Asterox?

The etymology of the Asterox is composed of “a” for the alpha or triangle, “ster” for stellar or star, “o” for the omega or circle and “x” for the Greek letter “chi” representing the Christ Logos.  It contains the trinity of the body, soul and spirit within its geometric symbolism. 


You will see more of this ecumenical sigil as the future unfolds and synchronizing ascension takes place.  The Asterox relates not just to the physical sun, but to the spiritual Sun that heralds in the true religion of all religions – the perennial philosophy returning to ancient theology.  It emanates that divine energy of love that every star form, every planet, every moon, every comet, every asteroid, every atom and every particle underlyingly puts forth which creatively produces, growingly maintains, and then destructively absorbs in a repetitive binding and balanced cycle of being and non-being.  It is the archetype Seal of God. 

Asterox Image.png

“Just as there are infinite rays emanating from our Sun, so, too, are there infinite paths for connecting with God.”

- Anon Omous

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