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How To Start A Spiritual Journey

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A true spiritual journey is not about a change in physical scenery such as going to Ladakh, Tibet, Sedona, Languedoc, Mecca or Jerusalem. Going to such regions can certainly be future tourist destinations to enhance the journey, but only if one has the funds, the time and the internal grounding to properly navigate through the geography and the culture. A genuine spiritual journey begins with internal assessment, exposures to aspects of yourself that may need to change, and modifying how you interpret the world. It can begin at the kitchen table, under a favorite tree or on the sofa. The best way to begin such a genuine journey is by reading aspects of thought from both historical and modern thinkers into the abstract, reflecting upon their views and then incorporating the elements that resonate with your psyche – absorb that which resonates with your personality or soul. The mere fact that you are reading this article means that you are an advanced seeker – you are desiring a connection to something more than just material gain, power, prestige and a humdrum existence.

Spiritual Journey

Reading is one of the greatest tools of the quest, for it strengthens and trains our consciousness to listen to our mind – it develops our internal voice. It also sends our psyche beyond the limits and containments of the physical body by exposing us to adventures, stories, places, ideas and people beyond our immediate physical sphere of influence. A productive spiritual journey should expose us to the philosophies and religious traditions of others while reinventing some of our own perceptions and interpretations of the world. It is about removing dogma to expose greater realities and alternate paths for interacting with divinity.

A spiritual journey is a cleaning process of removing the tarnish that has dampened our connections to something greater than ourselves. It may require redefining our role models, reevaluating our childhoods, changing how we interpret external stimuli or reflecting on what triggers particular emotional reactions. The journey is not always comfortable or easy because it involves uncovering certain beasts, monsters, shadows, demons and archons. They can be internal within ourselves or external coming from others and we will need to decide whether to acknowledge and avoid them or to confront and then tame them. The result of the confrontations, however, have the potential to expose us to the better angels of our nature and regain a connection to the aeons, God or that colossal mind dwelling just beyond the veil of the material world. When we confront our internal world during the spiritual trek, it may call upon lowering and then raising our ego. In more extreme internal adventures, it may require the destruction of the ego altogether and then rebuilding it anew.

A spiritual adventure is about reigniting those sparks of divinity that are fluttering somewhere within our being by balancing our participation in the material world while occasionally stepping into greater or alternate realms of existence. In doing so, we raise the epiphanic level of our awareness, learn to properly navigate the ambiguities, find our place among the dualities and become better human beings. A suggested step to begin your journey is reading Revelations On Interstellar Highway 10 which is designed to set you on a path for calling and sensing the divine mind.

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