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Messianic Claim or Complex?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Don’t we all wish that we had some sort of divine super powers to change the world. The quandary is would we use the powers properly and change the world for the better or would our ego take over and end up making the world worse? Throughout history, there have been various claims among spiritually influenced individuals that they were the redeemer who we’ve all been waiting for. Just do an internet search for Messiah claimants or go directly to Wikipedia.

Messianic Complex

The question is, what prompted them to step forth and make such claims? Was it mental illness, delusions of grandeur, the influence of drugs, instructions from something beyond this material realm or a divine calling that led them above a mundane existence? The original Judaic view of a Messiah was a unique individual who would lead them from oppression through military strategy. The character of Jesus Christ did not fit this profile, for his teachings seemed more about defeating one’s enemies through peace, outwitting, compromise and understanding. Other religions have their legends about a past or future “saving teacher” who would lead the masses in a better direction or judge the good from the evil. Muslims watch for the coming of the Mahdi, Hindus look forward to the Kalki and the Hopi of North America await the Pahana. When such avatars do arrive, I hope they go lenient on the wicked.

Perhaps the sudden rush of a Holy force or an awakening overwhelms the mind, sending one into sorting through what are delusions, potential possibilities or greater realities. There is even a form of psychosis (i.e., Jerusalem Syndrome) that manifests within some people upon visiting the geographical roots of Judaism and Christianity.

An authentic redeemer of our species bringing heavenly knowledge, gnosis to humanity, could in fact be an avatar from any of the great religions, but no true Messiah can be everything at once. They would appear being more human at times and other times more divine. Being so bound by the religious requirements, restrictions, and contradictions put in place by a variety of human scriptural interpretations of when, where and how they are to arrive, that our acknowledgment of them is forced to become subjective. The litany and laundry list put forth by those religions with messianic doctrines is too broad and is based on probability, human biases and not absolutes. Due to this, it really does leave it up to God to decide when an arrival shall occur.

This much I know, a genuine Messiah would usher in an age of peace, advancement and religious awakening through empathy applied by his or her higher self, not by narcissistic self-focus on their importance or title. They would be a peace maker, not an initiator of wars and conquest. This responsibility, however, seems too much to put on the shoulders of any one individual. I would prefer that several Messiahs arrive simultaneously to usher in an era of universal cooperation and technical advancement rather than a single individual. Having more than one divinely influenced spokesperson presents a greater probability of a Messianic Age being successful and of humanity entering into a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

I myself have overcome spiritual battles and encountered a vision beyond rational comprehension. Do I think that I too am a Messiah, a savior or a redeemer? If it will save humanity and reverse the degradation of planet Earth, then I am willing to say “yes” provided that I am one of thousands responding to an inner calling of trying to improve world conditions. The burden of being an “anointed one” should be spread upon the shoulders and souls of many – I do not want the sole attention nor that amount of power. Being less than perfect and susceptible to temptations, I’m perfectly willing and prefer to share the responsibility with others.

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4 comentários

Algernon Struthers
Algernon Struthers
29 de jun. de 2022

Indeed, the religions have their 'laundry lists,' but so do you. You stipulate that the person or persons, will: "usher in an age of peace, advancement and religious awakening through empathy." That's just a reworking of the good ol,' 'peace, love and good will to all men,' sadly reiterated by countless pretenders to the point that such phrases have become pretentious. Oh, I know you mean well, but everyone in their heart of hearts does, don't they?

And "advancement" of what? A Star Trek concept, do you mean...? And "religious awakening through empathy." Empathy can be bought. Just think of the bribe: big house, big car and a pool, for those who take the cash. Slush funds bring empathy aplenty.

Anon Omous
Anon Omous
30 de jun. de 2022
Respondendo a

I'm enjoying our chat exchange. I wasn't inferring on your qualifications to comment, but what you posted seemed to uncannily reference items and topics discussed in the book. "Good, intelligent people in powerful positions"....I am so grateful when that actually does occur. 😊 In democratic societies, it calls upon the intelligence, competence and proper discernments to be made of the voter.

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